United Oil Limited

Distributor in high quality Lubricants and Automotive Spares


United Oil Limited is an emerging company set up more than four years ago. Its focus and objective has been to develop a number of strategic alliances, one with Total Zambia Limited, in distribution and promotion of Total and Elf branded Fuel and Lubricants to the Automotive and Commercial markets and others with major global manufacturers of original equipment (OEM) parts for both On- and Off-highway equipment.

The expansion of Total Zambia Limited, through acquisition of Mobil and Agip Zambia Limited assets, together with their already existing mandate in Zambia, has brought forth potential opportunity for a company like United Oil Limited. United Oil, believes, they are well positioned to become a major player on the local market and the neighboring countries because of the invaluable knowledge and expertise it possesses on petroleum products and the petroleum market and on the On- and Off-highway equipments and their related parts, through its highly trained staff.  



United Oil Limited shall be offering, besides the fuel, lubricants and equipment parts, lubrication solutions in the form of Total and Elf lubricants and lubrication technical support.

United Oil Limited in its affiliation with Total Zambia Limited and other major manufacturers will strive to offer its customers, quality and cost effective products all through an efficient service. United Oil intends to serve market segments that can benefit from our services and will ensure a return on investment and a growth rate consistent with current management guidelines. This, we desire to achieve through use of the teams knowledge and invaluable expertise in the petroleum and heavy equipment Industry.

United Oil Limited intends to endear itself to the customers, with its unique brand of selling total solutions as opposed to just selling the product. To this end, they will be paramount emphasis on service and customer support through education and transfer of knowledge on products and their inherent benefits.

There has been tremendous growth economically in Zambia in the past five years, and this has positively impacted on the total demand for both fuels and lubrication in totality. United Oil Limited will set itself apart through its unique offer of total solution. This offer will be complemented by the management team, who possess no less than eight years between them of acquired skills and expertise from working in the oil and mining Industries and the massive support that will be received from the principle partners in Total Zambia Limited and the OEM heavy equipment manufacturers.

United Oil Limited is a privately owned Limited Liability Company that was incorporated on 21st June, 2006.

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Geographical Location:  Unit 3, Prinx Retail Park, Plot 5132 Chandwe Musonda Road, Lusaka, Zambia

Postal Address:    P.O. Box 51074, Rw 15102, Lusaka, Zambia